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Week 1 Run 2


I've just completed run 2 after having a rest day yesterday - had a few twinges and niggles throughout today, thighs felt a little bit stiff at times and my left ankle felt a bit odd (I have an awful habit of sitting with my foot at an angle which I think caused that) so I was a little bit worried about how today would go ... but once I got in to my stride on the warm up walk I felt really good so kicked on with it :)

I logged the run with strava (I'm an engineering geek, I like having data to look at), and can already see I went much further in the same time than I did on Saturday.

How's about those split numbers for consistency though :)

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Well done for starting the plan, 😊forget about the distance and speed at this point though, just concentrate on running for the required time.

You will need to slow down, I would think to be able to move forward through the plan, which is about stamina building and getting you to being able to run for 30 mins without stopping... each run builds you up for the next and the plan works.

You will hear everyone in here advising you to run slowly and steadily and even if you are superfit I think this is the way to go to ensure successs without injury.

Good luck with W1 R3. Keep posting and your route looks great.😊

TheckoGraduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Yes I'm expecting that for the longer runs my pace will be lower, I'm mainly looking to see how consistently I'm running (i.e. I want to know if I've done a run where I've started out much faster and then slowed down to a crawl at the end, I'd rather aim to be consistent)

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