Last run of week 2 today and to be honest feeling a little bit disappointed- I still found it hard and if anything worse than the first run of week 2. I cut one run short last time so was determined not to do that and managed but think I was slower because of it.

I am most disappointed because up until Christmas I was doing really well at the Gym, I was running on a treadmill for at least 20mins non stop, I have lost 2 stone in about a year and was feeling great- then Christmas came, I got lazy and lost my routine so hadn't been back.

I decided as it was getting nicer outside I would give this a try- a friend has recently completed it and it sounded good I am enjoying it and excited to get out, thing is I am finding it really hard to get to the 90 seconds towards the end, and kind of thought I'd be better than this- can't imagine week 3 at the moment, whatever it might bring.

Sorry for having a moan- I think I need a kick up the backside!


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6 Replies

  • Hi there Bugman!

    Sorry to hear that you are a bit disappointed! We have all been there – that realisation that change isn’t going to come overnight, that one run when we felt like we could’ve done better. The only advice I can really offer is – STICK WITH IT! You WILL get there! If I can anyone can! The plan is set out in a really good way so that you can always do an extra run of any week. It took me 3 months to do 9 weeks.. I am very slow.. but I am getting faster. When Laura tells you “just a light jog” she means it – you are building up your stamina little by little. It’s not about speed – it’s about “keeping going” so if you need to slow down (I jog so slow my boyfriend walks faster – but I am doing it!!

    I would recommend you move straight on to week 3 – as each week is a different challenge, and you will find week 3 different to weeks 1 and 2… however others may suggest that you do a few more runs of week 2 until you feel happy to continue. Both work.

    Good luck!


  • may be just a bad day but there is absolutely no defeat implied by redoing week 2 if it helps.

    You get exactly the same graduate badge at the end if it takes 9, 19 or 90 weeks ;-). No prize for being the quickest to finish :-D

    You can have a kick if you give up! Though not as hard as the one you would give yourself I suspect.

  • I agree, a kick if you give up!!!!!! Your doing great, you'll soon get the hang of it all and before you know it your hooked and graduating yah!!! Maybe have a look at some of the blogs to do with graduating as people say how they found different weeks and they can be inspiring, keep at it and you won't get hurt from the kick off Greg_M ....................

  • slow is good :) tortoise, hare and all that. I have no experience of being in a gym doing whatever goes on in there... (what does go on in there? ) However note from other treadmill runners and gym go'ers who blog that being outside running is very different and can be a shock to the system

    It would be my uneducated guess that trying a little gym activity would knock me flat :) lol

  • Slow, slow slow. And then pace yourself some more.

    I'm a plodder, but its a pace I can handle, I'm outdoor only so not sure if I have less pressure to go at speed seeing as until I get home and go all geeky working it out i dont really know how i'm doing.

    Best advice... dont give up. Repeat any week you need to, make sure you have properly hydrated prior to going out too.

    You'll do fine, believe in yourself and trust the plan.

  • You'll be fine - I remember W2 being the hardest of all of them for me (currently on Wk6 - I'll get back to you lol) Wk2 was just horrible, I found that 90 secs a nightmare and my legs were like lead, but Wk3 was ok, I've enjoyed it since then. Don't beat yourself up - it takes time. If it helps, 18 months ago I could run 10k at a good pace and was in training for a half marathon - I thought nothing of running 60 or 70 mins at a time. I got hurt (not running) and had to stop - I found Wk 1 a nightmare - and it was awful - how could I not run for a minute when in my mind I could cover the darned 5k in 25 mins? It just takes time to build back up your fitness - let your body do its thing, relax and it will happen. Don't think about the past - its in the past - this is a new start. I cried when I covered 20 mins the other day - it felt so good, and I think its cos I've let go and consider myself a newbie at running again and am enjoying finding how my body works once more - just don't give up!

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