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New trainers

So I'm thinking about getting new trainers. My current ones are ancient and weren't even mine to begin with. They have holes in the top and I get very wet very quickly as well as often have an intake of grass, stones, flowers etc.

What are your favourite trainers? What are your things to look out for when you are buying trainers? I want them to endure long runs because my aim after this plan is to continue to increase my runs and maybe do a half marathon. I have a high instep too.

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Ooh, new shoes. I'm jealous! I'd take a size bigger than your actual shoe size, because your feet swell and move forwards in your shoe when you run. I found that sizes vary a lot between brands so concentrate of the comfort of the fit rather than the size written on the box. If you can go to a shop that checks out your gait, it's a plus. Have fun!

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Running shoes are not the same as leisure trainers and my feet are not the same as yours, so my recommendation may be totally unsuitable for you.

It may save you a lot of agonies, both physical and financial, to visit a dedicated running shop which can offer gait analysis of your running style. They can recommend shoes that will support you appropriately and help you find a correct fit.

I was sceptical about gait analysis, believing it may just be marketing hype, but the video taken of me running on a dreadmill clearly showed my feet rolling outwards. With appropriate shoes, my knees and ankles were in better alignment and I was pushing off from my big toe, rather than my little toe. Mechanically it made sense. I have not had any running injuries since.

The fit, width and sizing varies from brand to brand so buying over the internet is risky first time, but obviously, once you find footwear that works for you you can do that in future.

There is a bewildering range of shoes available and a specialist shop can make choosing much easier.

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Hi hwarren9,

My first running shoes were karrimors, and I have a high instep too. I should have got a half or one size bigger than my normal shoe size cos your feet swell a bit and my toes used to go numb.

When I got my next pair I went to a specialist running shop and had gait analysis, where they film your legs on their running machine wearing a neutral running shoe to see how your foot strikes the ground. This will show if you need a shoe with more support. I was fine with a neutral shoe and got some asics.

Hope your cold is better and good luck with starting the c25k plan.😊

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Shoes vary so much! Different surfaces, different widths, heights. An amazing array so best do it properly.

When you get some you must post up a picture 😃

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