My own journey

My own journey

I chose the name here ‘An average man’ cos that is what I feel like I am. Workwise, I am involved in improving people’s health and wellbeing on a daily basis, so this site seemed like a good place to be, and contribute.

When I joined this area, I signed up to various groups of interest, including the C25K (since I knew of it already as a programme) and have happily contributed/ talked with /got to know many people on here. My own personal experience however was that I had/have never run anything beyond 600 m ( I once was entered at school into an 800 m , ran out fast was ahead at 600 m.. last by the finishing tape). I always found it HURTS! (never have been an eager proponent of ‘ no pain no gain’ !)

I DO work out in the gym regularly (every Sat and Sun) but the aerobics part has always consisted mostly of cycling and rowing machines. Use the treadmills a BIT, think I am too unco-rodinated ever to mange to master a ‘ cross trainer’ but like many people DO skip the ‘ aerobics’ part more than I ought to get to the weights section, but DO enjoy Pilates class weekly too. So I get a fair mix of exercise styles but I was/ am NOT absolutely a ‘runner’ as many of you are here.

Then last week, our family dog of 14 years died and my wife/daughters were absolutely gutted by the fact. So in order to pick them up, I have agreed to start the C25K with them, as an alternative to the dog walking, which they missed terribly. I have NO idea if I will be able to manage/complete the course; I know it seems to work so now it is time to try it out for real, and see if ‘ couch25K ‘ can work on this ‘ ordinary man’ as effectively as it has on you all too..

As many of you have, will record my travails here too.. so in a way, this is in memory of Sirius, a lovely dog.. Week 1, 1st run/walk done Monday, second tonight after work..


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44 Replies

  • Oh I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your dog, that is so sad xxxx

    Good Luck with the programme and keep posting to let us know how youre all going on xxx

  • well for ME to run beyond 600m , not so much luck as a ' miracle' is needed, but thanks

  • Ah you might think that now , be prepared to be amazed ! :-) xxx

  • ahha .. but you are a 'graduate' *tips forelock* and *bows respectfully*..

  • What a lovely, but sad, post. I am so sorry about your gorgeous dog, Sirius. It's always devastating when a beloved pet dies and my thoughts are with you all. Beautiful photo.

    What a great plan for everyone to start this programme. All the very best of luck to you all. Please keep us updated on now you're getting on.

  • sadly you'll hear all too much of the progress LOl

  • Welcome to the programme, and I'm so sorry for the loss of Sirius - I know you must miss him... x

  • lots of dog lovers out here it seems..

  • Oh those eyes ..... that's truly heartbreaking xxx

  • i never thought my eyes were THAT good personally.. but thanks :P

  • I feel your pain Anaverageman as I too have lost family members (some people call them pets) but what a tremendous way to pay tribute to a wonderful dog, I salute you for that.

    As anyone can see from the picture above, the eyes truly are the windows of the soul, and what a soul Sirius has.

    First of all, forget the, "I was / am NOT absolutely a ‘runner’ as many of you are here", the reason we're here is quite simply that we weren't, and in my case still aren't, runners...yet.

    If you want help, support, sympathy or advice the people on this forum are the best and everyone's right behind you.

  • thanks and will ( sadly) keep you all informed of (our) progress

  • I am sure you will be absolutely fine with the program AAM. It is designed to be achievable for people with much less basic starting fitness than yourself.

    Can only echo the comments about Sirius, it is more than 5 years since our lab passed away and I still miss the daft bugger.

  • he was .. a dog star..

  • The brightest star no doubt, as befits his name ;)

  • partly ' Sirius the dog star'.. partly ' Sirius Black' .. my daughters named him as a puppy..

  • Hi there,

    I was very moved by your post. I have also lost beloved pets and fully understand the sadness it brings.

    It will be a lovely tribute to Sirius to do the couch to 5k together as a family.

    Good luck and everyone here is behind you as you do it.

  • Dont be behind me.. I'll go too slow!! I'll be the one with ' running in, please pass' on his back..

  • Sirius looked lovely and I can understand how much you will all be missing him/her.

    As for C25K, I can vouch for its effectiveness on someone who has also never been fond of the aerobic parts of exercise. I started in January as a late 50 something who hadn't run for 20 odd years, and although I held a gym membership and swam and did things like Aqua classes regularly, was not the most active gym user ever. The programme got me to be able to do the 30 minute runs quite easily by the end of 9 weeks. It's taken me a bit longer to be able to run 5k but I now can do so (not in 30 minutes). I have, without any form of dietary change, lost inches from waist and hips, further reduced my blood pressure (although it was OK anyway), and generally feel better. It's a great mood lifter - I can attend a very fractious meeting one day, spend the night worrying about it, go for a run in the morning and all my worries will melt away.

    This is a very friendly and supportive site with many people going through similar journeys. There will always be someone to give you encouragement. When you face problems with your running (as you will) there will be people who have had similar experiences and have insight to bring. All the best - please do do it.

  • Thanks and I am already..

  • Ahh how very sad to lose your dog - it's always like losing part of the family. However, what a fitting tribute to Sirius to start going for your own runs. You will be fine. The programme really works and maybe, before too long you'll have another lovely pooch trotting at your heels.

    Good luck!

  • lol well the last one ( lab) couldnt run for peanuts! too early to say if we get another.. lol who am I saying HE couldnt run for peanuts!! (a. I couldnt do any better and b. its was food .. he was a Lab..)

  • Sorry to hear about your dog.

    You're wrong about the running. You will be amazed at what this does to you. I'm 58. Although over the years I've done some sports, and kept reasonably fit and healthy, I *never* considered myself a runner. I have bad memories of when I had to do it at school. I started the programme on 26th January, graduating in late March with three 5K runs. I'm now running 10K+ each Monday, Parkrun each Saturday, and two more runs in between, usually 5ks.

    I've been transformed into someone that loves to run. It's transformed me I'd bet it will transform you, too.

    Good luck, and I'll be following you!

  • What a lovely dog Sirius looks, its so hard to lose them ( i lost my old boy of 17 in 2013) :(

    its great that you are making a positive move in this sad time and to bring your family all together to do it is fantastic!

    all the best, this programme really does work, it amazing!

  • Well the programme faces a tough test in me

  • I'm sorry about Sirius. He looks like a real sweetie.

    Well done for signing yourself up for C25K - I felt exactly the same about my abilities to complete it, and am amazed to be impatient to get out the door with my trainers on three times a week now. Don't call myself a runner, more a shuffler, but whatever I do I'm still running rings around the old 'me' who used to sit on the sofa with a glass of wine and a packet of crisps. Enjoy the journey and keep us informed of your progress!

  • Always think that's the best way to look at it.. We often beat ourselves up over what we are NOT rather than appreciate what we are! Keep shuffling!

  • I am so, so sorry about your dog - and what a lovely and sensible way to tackle the inevitable grief. I remember friends who lost a black labrador saying that they really missed their walks - they knew perfectly well they could do them without a dog, but in practice just didn't.

  • Well it's as much for 'her indoors' who felt the grief most strongly and who probably walked the dog most often, so we'll see...

    I'm harder of heart ...but thanks

  • Yeah, yeah, you think you are... which is why it is so good you are doing the running... it all goes somewhere no matter how good we are at rationalising.

  • well the 'running' is a challenge for me.. or more accurately at this stage ' running and walking' is .. bizarre I can easily cycle for 20+ minutes in the gym, or row .. but running beyond a couple of minute bursts has always been beyond me..

    well we'll see...

  • Wishing you and your family sympathy on your loss. I fret about our 6 month old stick insects so I understand that your dog is essentially another family member :(

    Good luck with the programme. I hope you find comfort, distraction, focus & strength.

    Keep posting :)

  • Thanks will do

  • How sad about Sirius, but what a tribute to him to take on this challenge. You can remember him during your runs - it's a great time to think, not think, remember, not remember..

    We're all ordinary to some degree. I see myself as absolutely ordinary. But this programme has turned me into an ordinary person who had never run before, into an ordinary person who can run and who enjoys running and can't imagine ever not.

    So here's to us all ordinary folk :)

    Good luck and enjoy, oh and welcome :) xx

  • Keep 'in the pink' of health...

  • you say we are all runners - well maybe, but we or at least I, wasn't. I was an Olympic standard couch potato. I did weight lifting every day. I would sometimes lift things as heavy as a pen. Now I run parkrun each week and two more 30+ minute runs each week and there's hell to pay if I miss a run.

    keep posting and maybe get the other family members to join too :)

  • You will always be ' a graduate ' to me..

  • Sorry to hear about your loss, they touch touch our lives in so many ways. Welcome to the beginning of your journey of the c25k. It's a great program and works best if you,always listen to your body and go at your own speed and time. I am one of life's slow runners and it took me ages to feel ok about that, I wish I had had more acceptance earlier on. I love going out for my runs. My advice would be slow and steady and you will get to your graduation badge. Like you I have avoided running my whole life until two years ago, it really shocked me how much I took to it. Happy running to you all.

  • thanks.. well already had to resort to cajoling to get rest of family out..

    and thats only week 1 hope this ' i LOVE running' thing kicks in soon!

  • I always find that ' listen to your body' thing a bit ' jargon-ish' ... I know what you mean.. and don't like inflicting any more pain on myself than i can possibly avoid..

  • Beautiful post, Thankyou for sharing from the heart...Sirius is gorgeous and clearly a much loved member of the family... I'm so sorry for the huge loss in your family. You are doing a beautiful thing for have good fitness levels to start with ( which is more than most of us had!!!)... Please keep us posted and have fun :)

  • Well thanks fitness is less the problem its the pain I don't like, I'm just a woos really....

    But interested in whether the programme can work even on me... Its the mental thing, I've no will power....certainly not that of a Parisian panther... But ill start counting trees...


  • It won't be long and you will be way ahead of me!! But yes, I do recommend counting trees...or anything that comes to mind. I bet you have more will power than you think....

  • I bet I have less than you (think)... Marathon way beyond what i could ever expect

    You'll always be that one up on me jj

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