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Running shoes & analysis

Happy Friday everyone๐Ÿ’

I've read in several places on the forum about getting proper, or the correct running shoes. I tore my Achilles' tendon on the treadmill at the gym 18 months ago - the doctors said I was very unlucky but it took 12 months before I could even attempt to jog again. This is my first time running proper i.e. out on the roads rather than as part of a mixed gym session, and although I'm much better my physio discharged me saying there was no more she could do. I'm therefore extra keen and cautious to prevent the injury reoccurring. Any hints tips or suggestions greatfully received. My trainers said they were for running but how to I ensure they are right or get an analysis? Is this done in a sports clinic somewhere or,are there specialist shops?

Thanks for all the help,and support as I start my running journey ๐Ÿƒ

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You need to find your local, independent running shop. You know, the one managed by runners, with a notice board for running groups, postcards looking for running buddies, and when you tell them that you are doing C25K you'll get an extra 10% discount. The one staffed by nice folks, all of them able to run a marathon before work and happy to spend time with you, to discuss your requirements, trained to perform 'gait analysis' and (probably) with a treadmill (or a car-park that you can run around) when you try out your new trainers.

Just as a hint, this shop is not on a retail park, is not a warehouse and is not called S***** D*****. If a teenage assistant asks you what brand you want, or to pick a colour, you are not in an independent running shop :-)

Take your running kit (or go in your running kit) and they'll pop you on the treadmill, and either study your running gait, or video it for analysis, and will then recommend shoes that are suitable for you, and your over/under/neutral pronation. You might be there up to an hour.

Couple of additional points - at some point in the consultation, you'll want to tell the shop your budget. They won't mind, and will be able to accommodate it. There are a wide range of prices, and of course last-year's model, or an less popular colour-way is always going to be sold at a discount. We need these local stores, so don't be tempted to get a recommendation, and then buy it online later in the day from a box-shifter or global mega-corporation with their own ideas about corporation taxes.

Make friends with the store... you'll be back for a running jacket, warmer clothes, night-visibility equipment, extra pairs of socks, running gloves, hat, buff/necker, second pair of trainers, hydration pack, new pair of running tights (just because you deserve it) before too long.

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Thank you for your reply - that's so helpful. I've googled - my local independent store is about a 60 mile round trip by the looks of things - so will need to plan it around a day out I think.


Yes gait analysis can be done in a local running shop. Do a google search on gait analysis in your area. Choose a specialist running shop rather than a high street sports shop. The staff in specialist running shops are runners themselves and will look after you.



Thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š. Local shop is a bit of a distance but I'll try to take the trip.


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