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W7r2 excuses

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Missed my usual morning run due to being very lazy by having a sleep in so arranged to go this evening with the hubby. Thought of every excuse known to man before I went. Too tired, legs ache, need to start cooking tea, stomach gripeing??? Just had hair done and even toe nails too long lol. But he dragged me out moaning and pleased to say I not only completed it but managed another 3 mins on top (only because hubby didn't tell me I'd finished). I'm now still thinking all of the above but with the buzz of knowing I've done it. Can't believe how fab this programme is. Off for a shower and to cut my nails now and the gremlins with them lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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Your post made me lol! I have those so fed up moments that I am not running but force myself to get dressed into my running gear when the thought pops into my mind. I make a mental note that it ia only 30+mins of my day and like you enjoy the buzz of knowing I did it!!! I enjoy analysing my route and split pace etc. Thinking the next run will be a second or two quicker or further! Good luck and keep going!! #nomoreexcuses.

Thank you. It is funny the excuses we can make to try to get out of running. πŸ˜‚

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