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Third time lucky?

I started the programme in late October. Got to around week 7 and my knee pain was really worrying. I spent a few weeks working on knee strength with no runs. Started again at week 1 and reached week 8 run 1 before I stopped due to (different) knee pain plus unrelated back issues. Saw physio for my back and took advice from a local running coach on incorporating lots of stretching and running on soft surfaces only. Started again from the beginning and today.... ran week 8 run 1 with no pain!

I'm keeping up the stretching (I know that not everyone believes in it, but it seems to work for me) and sticking to the soft surfaces, and hope to be finished with the programme in two weeks. Running feels good and the 28 minutes today was not a strain. Hooray!

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Keep at it, I've suffered with my knee since a footballing injury a few years ago and exercise was forgotten completely. Along with the advice on here to go slow and steady plus stretching exercises from a physio have seen me through.

Good luck, graduation is in sight

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Well done. Your on the home straight now. Enjoy last 5 runs on the programme.

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Very well done... keep it slow and steady, it is the only way :)


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