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Shake it up

Went out this morning around 6am with the intention of doing my normal Tuesday 4 mile run. About half a mile in, I decided nah!!! It wasn't working for me.

At this stage i was on a downhill stretch so I measured out 100m on the Garmin and decided to do 10 uphill interval sprints instead of my normal stuff.

Have to say, it was very enjoyable and very difficult. The legs feel as if I have done a HM.

I think I may introduce this on a semi regular basis.

Happy running folks 🏃🏃🏃

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Be careful with hill repeats. As ever slow and steady which means build the number slowly. 10 is a lot as a starting point. Hopefully yoy will get away with it. Next time maybe start with a few less and build over weeks.

Ps im talking from experience, a similar trick landed me on the IC for five weeks! No fun at all .


No injuries but bloody hell!!!!!! Who knew the muscles you used for sprinting are different than the ones you use for distance?🤤


It takes all sorts..............


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