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Week 8 holiday dilemma

Hello! This is my first post and, after 51 years of actively avoiding running, I cannot believe I’ve got this far and that I’m absolutely loving it (even though I’m painfully slow and quite often feel like I’m going to die :-) ).

It’s taken me about 8 weeks to get to the end of week 6 as I regularly have to go away to work for a few days, during which time I have no opportunity to run. Trouble is that I’m going on holiday for 10 days after the first run of week 8, and it’s going to be way too hot to run there. I’m really worried that I’m going to lose fitness and that I won’t be able to run for a full 28 minutes when I get back. So should I try a few shorter runs to get back into it? I’d be very grateful for advice on what to do please!

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You should be fine Starttorunat51...

I had a 16 day holiday at the end of Wk 5 with no running, and was able to carry on when I got back.

By Week 8 your stamina level shouldn't fall too much, the worst that will happen is you end up having a practise run. Its up to you though, your journey, you know youself best. Wait and see what you feel like running when you get back.

The podium isn't going anywhere.

Good luck with your runs and have a super holiday.😊


Here is my experience. All of January - did not get an opportunity to run at all. Got home and absolutely cruised through my first run, actually forced myself to stop at 5K so I would not overdo it.

Right now, just a few days home from just a two week trip where I did not have an opportunity to run and my first run I had to end after twenty minutes and my leg muscles are still twinging two days on.

The difference between the trips? In January I walked every day, I stood rather than sat down when I could and I took stairs rather than elevators or escalators. This last trip - I spent a hell of a lot of time sitting. Had very little opportunity to even walk and standing alone obviously did not cut it. :)

So - as long as you don't spend ALL your time on hols sitting on a couch you should be fine :)


Thanks both for sharing your experiences, and for the reassurance!

Good point re staying active rather than lounging around, however tempting :-). I should have the opportunity to walk and swim, so I need to set myself some goals.

Lets hope my next post is to report my graduation :)

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Just a quick update - after what turned into a 15 day break from running, I'm delighted to report that I did manage my 28 minute run on Tuesday, albeit slower than a slow thing 😀

And I also did the first of my 30 minute runs yesterday... I still can't quite believe it!


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