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Couch to 5K
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W1 R2

YES! I did it! On my 2nd run of this week I managed to complete all the phases. I'm so pleased! I slowed my pace down on my brisk walk, and kept a pretty slow pace on my jogs, and also felt my breathing was more controlled.

After speaking with a friend I changed my breathing, in through my nose and out through my mouth, each for a few counts and really felt it helped me feel like I was getting air deep into my lungs. (Breathing, or not deep enough is what hindered me on my first run).

Even though I slowed my pace I covered more ground (presumably as I managed to complete all 8 runs, rather than 7 - which I walked earlier in the week).

I'm actually quite looking forward to R3 now! Looking forward to hearing how all you other newbies are getting on too!

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Well done Windmill 😊...

Keep going.


Thank you!

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Thanks for the breathing tip, I'll give that a go :)


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