W1 R1 complete :)

Finally started C25K last night. Planned the route which was a mix of flat, a little down & a little up hill round the area I live as I didn't want to venture too far on my own. Was cold & raining but I actually started to enjoy it about half way through.

I ran last Tuesday with a fiend who is a good runner & overdid it then ran again on Monday with my partner just to see how I could do on a 2nd run but I decided the C25k is the way I want to go so I did it & I'm so pleased with myself. Looking forward to R2 tomorrow although this morning I've woken with a stinking cold & tonsillitis :(

Good luck everyone


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  • Welcome! The C25K programme is both possible and challenging and I just followed it totally with three runs a week and rest days - I needed them to recover, especially as the run times increased. Keep us updated and well done

  • Thank you, very much appreciated & well done on completing yours. I intend to follow it to the letter IE 3 times a week only as I don't want to over do it & then give up.

  • As you get into it, u might feel desperate to run but you could always do some walking, cycling, swimming instead as it gives your running muscles a rest still. Otherwise rest is as important as exercising, so don't feel guilty

  • We have a gym in the garage so I can always do bits in there if I feel the need. My other half is in there a few times a day so it'll be good to go in together but not just yet I'll just see how I go. I don't get much spare time with working full time with almost 2hrs travelling time there & back which is why this is ideal for me, 30 mins in an evening while he cooks tea :) haha. Thank you for the tips & advice , much appreciated :)

  • Hello and welcome :)this is definitely the way to go, it builds you up gradually with rest days to recover .

    Bummer about your cold etc hope you feel better soon :)

  • Thank you so much. I am sat at my desk with no inclination to work trying to keep my eyes open haha Hopefully I'll feel up to my R2 tomorrow. Don't want to fail before I've even started :(

  • Sounds like you should be home recovering . I used to get tonsillitis know how horrid you feel with that.

  • Not had it for a while but a few years ago I had a really bad bout & it was so bad I was almost admitted to hospital as it was verging on Quincy. Was in bed for a week. People think it's just a sore throat but wow it can knock you off your feet.

  • Touch wood i havent since i stopped smoking .

    It is more like trying to swallow razor blades !!

    Really hope you do feel better soon

  • Well done you for the stopping smoking, that's brilliant, wish I could lol. Thank you

  • You can give up smoking Vicky just like you can take up running. Hope you're feeling better soon. I used to get tonsilitis all the time as a child but that was back in the day when tonsils were removed (thank goodness). My mum said I was a different child afterwards. My daughter gets tonsilitis frequently but just battles through it at 15. I know it is painful. Get well before you run.

  • I've given up smoking 3 times, both times when pregnant then once because I just wanted to stop, longest time was for 4 years but I always end up starting again for one reason & another. I've managed to cut down to around 3-5 a day now so a huge improvement.

    I only started getting tonsillitis about 5 or 6 yrs ago but I had it almost none stop for a few years. Had it intermittently since then. I really feel for your Daughter Thanks for your words :)

  • Well done for getting started - but bad luck about the throat. ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ

    Don't worry, the running will wait for you.

    Had to laugh at your description of your companion as a fiend!

  • Hahahahahaha fiend is probably more apt, she almost killed me lol

  • Well done you...this is, as the others say, the way to go. Excellent structured programme and fun too.

    You run in your way... mine is slow and steady :)

    Take it easy and make sure you are completely fit before heading out... a run can wait, as others will tell you, better than making yourself ill :)

  • Thank you, I'm slow & slow hahaha

    My bed is calling, only 30 mins of work left then 40 minute drive home. Bed before 6pm for me I think & if I feel like this tomorrow I'll reconsider my run.

    Thank you all x

  • Sensible girl...take carex

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