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Wk 2 Run 2 done - Zipadeedoodah

Wk 2 Run 2 done - Zipadeedoodah

Managed to do this 3rd run on Monday......still have an aching/sore burny hip, really unsure what this is. But I've done it and amazed at how much my stamina is increasing. Still find it hard on the legs, but never thought I'd get any further than wk 1, run 1.

Going to leave it a few days, as I'm doing the 10,000 steps for June for Cancer Research and just normal walking with this sore hip.

So, horray, get the flags out 😂😂😂

Hope everyone is getting along fine. We can do it guys 👍👍 x

Pics don't attach as portrait, unsure why sorry.

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Good work! Just keep taking it easy and we'll get through this programme!

😂👍🏻🏃🎉 x


If necessary, take an extra rest day or two.

Check your trainers are ok and if you can afford it, have gait analysis done and if it's recommended buy appropriate training shoes for you.


Hi there,

I looked into this running, took advice and had a gait analysis done. According to the results, I bought a good insole £25 and tried several trainers, each with a gait analysis. I purchased the trainers that were the best for my feet and they fit like a glove. This was about 6 weeks ago, so its nothing related to the footwear, (at least not in my opinion), it's only the past week that I've encountered this burn and ache when walking. I'm so glad I did the analysis though.


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