Wk 9 run 2 done!

Hooray! It took me about 3 hours to kick the gremlins out of the way and get out of the house - but having read lots of motivational posts on here I went and it didn't seem as bad as run 1. This programme is so good!

I had hoped to lose some weight, but after each run I feel so pleased with myself that I feel a reward is in order. Beer and curry tonight anyone?!

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  • Wow TessHardy one more run til you get your shiny graduate badge.

  • Exciting! Never thought I'd get this far!

  • Well done! I think overcoming the gremlins is the toughest bit! I did the same run this afternoon. I am planning my graduation run for Monday morning. When are you doing yours? I will think of you as I run!

  • I'm thinking Monday morning too! We can run virtually together! X

  • That will keep me motivated! Good luck! See you at the graduation podium!

  • Well done. Almost there. Look forward to reading your graduation post

  • Good luck on Monday tortoise girl and Tess. I will be running Monday morning too...and rooting for you both.😊

  • Wow! Fantastic - one more run and it's graduation time πŸŽ“. Hope you enjoyed the curry πŸ˜€

  • Nearly at graduation! Hope you have something special planned.

  • Good luck tortoisegirl and TessHardy for your graduation run! I'll be cheering you on and then , we will have a September graduation party!!!

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