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Couch to 5K
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W5r3 - made it

Amazing. Did it. Slight knee niggle went away when I started running. Slight stitch never came to anything. Didn't feel like I was going to die till Laura said 2 minutes left and I wasn't giving up at that point.

Tips :

1. Like everyone says don't go too fast. Really tried to set off slower than last time. My lovely new running shoes are springy and make me want to go fast.

2. Don't think ahead. When Laura says 10 minutes do not think half way I have to do that again without stopping. As long as you can do the next step and take the next breath just do that. And then do it again.

Feels like a great achievement but I will admit to also feeling glad next time it's two lots of 10 minutes.

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No no next time is better. 5/8/5


Whoop whoop! Well done. This is the biggie in the programme and you've just conquered it 💪💪💪

Just be aware that some people find the next run tougher than expected but you'll be fine.

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