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Wk 2 : R1 - and OMG 🏃

Hey lovelies

Continuing with my daily 10,000+ steps throughout June (though, why did I start this haha?), I thought I'd start Wk 2, run 1 at the same time. Slow jog for x4 of 90 seconds, I thought negatively that I wasn't going to be able to do it, but I listened to Laura and also to her tips about breathing properly. Couldn't quite get into the rhythm of that, but I felt that my breathing was okay at that stage.

I wasn't sure how long run one would take and I don't quite know why, but I seemed to have coped with each 90 seconds of slow jogging. How does this happen, I never thought I'd do the first jog of Wk 1 and that nearly did me in, lol? Still finding it difficult with lack of time and trying to fit it in, but hey how.

Apart from the drizzling rain, I enjoyed my Wk 2. Although, I find it quite refreshing walking or jogging in the rain haha. Onward and upward and thank you all for your kind words of encouragement ❤ x

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Snap!! Run one of week two is finally completed! I was surprised how much I (dare I say it) enjoyed it!!!

We're certainly getting there, slow and steady wins the race as they say!



well done!


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