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Roll on my week 9, coming to get you!

Wasn't going to run today but got frustrated that if I didn't I wasn't going to be able to do my W8R3 until Saturday. Unbelievably slow, but I got there - I didn't have the courage to do as Laura suggested and up my pace, even though I knew in my mind I could. I panicked and thought that if I did speed up I might land up running out of steam before the end of the 28 minutes.

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Keep a little in the tank, ready for Week 9 David :) x

The weather here was better today, unfortunately my rest day! Wet, wild and windy run day !! However I have walked six miles in the sunshine, with small runner in training asleep in her pram!!! Hope it is as pleasant tomorrow.. :)

You are getting so, so close...I think I am as excited for you as I was for myself!! :)

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Slow and steady is the way to go. Have a brilliant final pre-graduation week.

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Well done you!!!!


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