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Week One Run 3

'I can't believe it, I'm about to loose control and I just can't help it, help it.' If anyone had said me two weeks ago that I would have spent one whole week walking for 30 minutes everyday and the next week that I would have done not one but three!!! 30 minute walk/jog sessions I would have questionned their sanity thinking are they seeing the same thing I am when I look in the mirror. Well I would have been wrong.

This is probably the best decision I have made. It has been hard and after work today and the awful weather I did not want to go out. Yet somewhere from within I stepped out the door this evening, (my first evening run as well) I walked and jogged to laura, her words and her songs. Despite feeling muscles in my legs that I did not know exsisted I absolutely loved my run. I run in the evening is definetely better than the middle of the day.

My only grumble was to come home after my walk/jog to find my 18 year old son had bought us all chinese for dinner. Never mind the buttering me up for something but to think I just did all that lovely exercise to be faced with enough food to feed an army!! My Week Two doesn't start till Friday officially perhaps I could sneak in an extra walk/jog with laura between now and then to burn it off!!!! I checked with myfitness and with my meals today I am only 100 calories over on my daily intake. Mmmmm perhaps some late night yoga before bed will do the trick.

Oh why oh why can't I have both healthy me and the occassional chinese.

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You can when you run further. Treat yourself for graduation 😃

My family know not to get me takeaways. I don't miss them at all. I will have fish n chips maybe once a year 🐋 You make your own healthy versions. Tastier probably 😋

I made avocado choc desserts for our afters today and then set to work and made power flapjacks for longer run fuel 🙂 All in the freezer now away from my husband 🙄


You are discovering the joy of strenuous exercise, which turns you into an endorphin junkie, as well as a fit lady.

Of course you can have a takeaway, but probably fewer and why not try small portions. Eat a balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and cut out the processed crap. You don't have to become a self denier to be fit, just sensible.

Keep it up!

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Thank you for all the advice definetely smaller portions and no seconds. Lots of lovely coloured fruits and veg joining my meals. Balancing it will be the way forward for me. I am definetely enjoying the exercise and to be honest if I was to choose between going for a run and eating high calorie food it's going to be the run that wins. The first things to go from my bad regular eating habits was the doughnuts when I started to walk and do I miss them? No I do not! Slow and gradual changes I understand it will not happen in a night but eventually healthy eating and running will be the norm.

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I like your attitude, go to the top of the class.

Many people trying to lose weight use My fitness Pal app, which helps track calories.


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