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Achilles ouch part 2

So after yesterday, I had my foot looked at. The doctor did the Simmonds test and said all was ok but just inflamed. So I have to rest. I am so gutted as he said it could take up to 4 weeks. I am so proud of myself, I finished the programme without any problems or injuries. After I finished I did two more runs at 30 mins then upped to 32 mins then 34 mins. It felt easy and so I went for the 5k which took 42 mins so I only run for 8 more mins. It all felt good, so I did yesterday and that was 41 mins, but the heel started hurting half way into the run. So what do I do now? How will I know it's ok to run again? Will I have to start from scratch because I worked so hard and I feel so gutted. I really didn't want to stop because I put in all that effort! What's the advice for having to have a break for injury then starting again??

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Well first.. you really have to rest... you really do...Achilles can be tricky blighters... count yourself lucky it is , 'only' inflamed. After I ruptured mine and the last cast was taken off, I was another few months before I was back to 'normal'... ( not a running injury I might add :)

Unfortunately, this type of injury can often be a result of the increasing intensity of exercise too quickly, i.e. your running speed or distance covered; and you are really going to have to rest and build up again very slowly and with the right amount of appropriate exercise. There may be mileage, ( sorry...) in seeing a specialist physiotherapist to get some expert advice and guidance.

At this stage, as upsetting as it is not to run...just focus on getting this better. One thing is for sure, if you try to rush it, it will get worse.. and that would be horrid for you.

I am sure there will be loads of replies to reassure you... you will get back to it. i fell and broke my ribs in October... and I recovered and got back on the path...but the day after I fell, I thought I would never run again!!!

So.. chin up... foot up too and take it very slow and steady, as ever :) Huge Hug too!


Thanks for feeding have my commiserations.

Have a Google about recovery, you may find guidance on how to gradually increase the exercise levels.

Don't be too despondent. Unfortunately this is all part and parcel of becoming a runner. We always say listen to your body, but most of us have to overdo it and get injured before we can really understand those messages. You will be more cautious in future, I am sure.

My Achilles took about three weeks before I started to run again, building up very, very gently again, for about six weeks, before I was back where I had been beforehand​.

Keep us posted, your shared experience can be of help to all.

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As a fellow Achilles sufferer, I know what you're going through. The first time I did C25k I ran through minor Achilles pain and flat feet and ended up limping and completely in agony. I had to stop running for 6 months and build up eccentric exercises and strength. I then redid the programme which in some ways was harder, in some ways easier as I knew I could do it. It's definitely worth going to physio for advice and exercises. It's also definitely better to ease off now and be off for a short period rather than pushing through it. Be patient and build up slowly. It's a marathon, not a sprint!

Good luck.

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