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W6 r2

W6 r2

Nearly didn't go out tonight, weather is really poor, I'm not a Monday person in general and it has been a stressful day at work. First day back at school for my kids meant they were tired and irritable which meant my wife was stressed and so on. Luckily we're a close family and everyone has ended there day happy and a good nights sleep will fix the rest.

Any way the point being I realised something tonight, this running thing is a really healthy way of escaping the mundane realities of life. It actually felt like a treat to get out. It may have been raining my legs may have ached but my mind was clear and positive, my old rave tunes were playing, Jo Whitley was encouraging even the rain was pleasantly refreshing.

This run passed really quickly and bye the end I was tired but stress free with that proud feeling that I've accomplished another run.

And as another bonus it's the first run for some time where my knees didn't hurt (am putting this down to my new trainers ).

What a difference half an hour can make🙂

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Well done! It is good to get out and just go for a walk jog session😃

Now you have arrived at C25k you might soon find that you are indeed a Monday person, and every other day of the week 😃✔️🏃

Running is really good at removing irritability. Rain is cooling when it's a bit muggy. A running cap can be a boon 🙂

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That is a great post.... and so to the point. Very well done you!

It took me right back... tired children, tired parents and stress levels rising ..( for me, as a teacher, I would already have been trying to motivate all my small ones on a first day back too :)).... and you did exactly the right thing.. you ran :)

Many, many of us feel that the mental, as well as physical benefits from C25K are amazing... runs have certainly helped me through some anxious times...I let my thoughts run wild and lose the worrying ones, letting them just get left behind me as I run forward.

It sounds great, listening to your favourite tunes and just recharging yourself. Super !

Go you.


What a great post!

Glad you got out there, enjoy! The journey is yours!

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