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Achilles ouch! Help

I graduated 2 weeks ago! Never missed a session and never had any pain or injury. I have run comfortably for 30 mins but never got to 5k. So my goal has been to add little increments each run until I got to 5k. I did it on Saturday and was so pleased, it took me 42 mins. However my Achilles yesterday was aching a bit. Today I did the 5k again but about half way my Achilles really started hurting. I eased the pace and did finish but now have my foot up on ice. Any advice? I don't want to miss my Wednesday run but don't know whether to run less. I felt absolutely fine today apart from my foot!! Really miffed!!

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Ibuprofen immediately after a minor injury can help prevent secondary damage from inflammation. Otherwise you are doing the right thing. I had tight Achilles when I first started running and my first injury was, lo and behold, my Achilles. Heel drops are good for it, but maybe not while it is still painful. Do some googling. Have a look on

I would be cautious about running again while there is any sensitivity. Much better to rest and recover fully. All part of learning to be a runner. I hope it gets better soon.


I certainly wouldn't be running on it.

You say also that you have increased your time in little increments. And yet since graduating 2 weeks ago you have increased your time by almost 50%. That's not exactly little increments. The general rule of thumb is 10% per week.

rest until you have no pain, then start again at around 35 mins and build more gradually.


Ten percent rule is distance Rigs, not time..........we've been here before......although I appreciate that TreezyPeazy probably hasn't significantly increased her pace over the last fortnight.


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