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Week One Run 2

Hi, well I went out for my second run today. I even managed to not only smile but to laugh during it. What I was laughing at I have no idea! I literally just burst in to total laughter and it was Just me and laura out for walk and some jogging thrown in the mix. Couple of kids looked at me like I was nuts but to be fair - I was a walking, jogging cackling big fat black woman with the hughest knockers flying around the place! I would have looked at me weird!!!!!!!!!! Cannot wait for my sports bra to get here should turn up tomorrow. Oh yes might I just say that finding running stuff in a size 22 is next to a near miracle. I have my jogging shorts and my top is not going to be delivered until the end of next week!!! Am hoping my lightest t shirt will do until it gets here.

A healthy snack laura said when I got back with water. I found an old ice cream tub and half filled it with sunflower seeds, roasted pumpkin seeds. a little museli, almonds, peanuts, brazil nuts, pecans, some dried mango slices, cashew nuts and some pomegranate seeds. I then found a small bowl measured 7 oz's out of the mix and that became my snack. With loads left for my next run!!!!

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Well done you being able to laugh I assume at yourself while running will enable you to overcome all the runs and have fun at the same time .

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Nothing like a good sports bra to keep things in place! I swear by bravissimo (mostly because they're the only store that has stocked my size since a teenager!). I hope you purchase works out but if not, give them a go :)


Thanks for the tip will keep in mind if the one that turned up today doesn't work so far okay and looking good!


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