Not the graduation post I wanted to write

Not the graduation post I wanted to write

Set out this morning with a heavy heart and feeling a mixture of despair, sadness, anger and helplessness. A lovely morning with a welcome breeze.

I ran sans earphones to give me some time for meditation.

So I ran 3.74 km in 30 minutes and it occurred to me; I'm not a quitter and neither are we, the people of the UK (wherever we started the journey).

Sometimes all that is to be done, is run.

I'll carry on and maybe one day I'll run a race for a good cause and give a little back for my good fortune.

Give someone a hug from me x


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38 Replies

  • Spot on, Helen. Thoughts go out to those affected - and well done to you though, on an importent run.

  • Thank you x

    Can't quite believe I did it

  • I have... :) Beautiful photo and a good run, on waking to a morning that, like you has shaken me to the core, yet again. I ran also.

    Congratulations on completing your journey...very well done.... take some time to enjoy the fact that you can carry on, now, on your own path, and in your own time... the choices before you are wonderful!

    Sending you a hug too x

  • Thank you Oldfloss, you and all the graduates and fellow c25k ers have helped me so much

  • Will do, HelenW - well said xx

  • A lovely post and well done... very wise words and no we don't quit here in the UK.... it is good to have a goal or target to keep you going 😎

  • Thank you ju-ju-

    That's a long term goal!

  • Well done Helen. Graduation world lies ahead for you

    It's sad that it was such a bad start to your day X

  • Thank you Slinkyminky

    I've just noticed what it says next to my name!

  • Whoa.... you Graduate you!!! x

  • Another sad day and my thoughts go out to all those affected but we must not give in.

    Absolutely well done on graduating - if feels good when that little badge appears next to your name doesn't it?

    I shall be running today as I am doing Race for Life - shall have even more to reflect on today.

    Congratulations on your achievement x

  • Thank you and very good luck with your race x

  • Hug given & sending you one to say well done & thanks for such a thoughtful post. Wishing you many happy runs ☺

  • Many thanks Slinkymalinki- Thanks for the hug too

  • There are no words...

    Well done you on a fantastic run-- Congratulations!!

    Sending hugs x

  • Thank you, I am looking forward to the next run!

  • Well done, fellow runner.

    As this forum demonstrates, if people assist one another then wonderful things can be achieved. We need to carry on reaching out with empathy, not isolating ourselves in fear.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Thanks Iannoda

    Have benefited from plenty of support and advice from people like you who take the time to post simply out of altruism it seems to me :)

  • Well done Helen xxx

    When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the World will finally know peace .....

  • Wise words

    and thank you for all the help you give to me and others on this BRILLIANT forum.

  • Thank you Helen , that's really kind of you xxx

  • Well done on your run Helen, congratulations on your graduation!

    It is so sad that these things are made to happen. A sad reflection of mankind. But the thing that will help us overcome this evil is to recognise together we can and must stand strong against a tiny minority of misguided and what I believe are often vulnerable people.

    My heart goes out to all of those affected and impacted upon .

  • Thank you Jacs-W

    It is hard to make any sense of it but yes, we must be strong, united and kind

  • Congrats!🥇👏🏼👏🏼

    What was is our friend Irish-John said earlier this week, " Why run? Because we can! For all those who can't run!" His words are resonating in my ears again this morning. Love to all those back in UK, thoughts are with you 💕🇨🇦

  • Thank you Bonkersbrit.

  • Great post Helen. On the one hand, congratulations on your graduation run. On the other... lots of us on this side of the pond thinking of, and praying for, our friends 'over there'.

  • Thank you jaybro28

    It's great that this forum is international😬

  • Well done on graduating I was out this morning and came back to the sad news but as long as we rise above the negativity of the few they will never win and we stand together as one to support each other.

  • Yes we do stand (and run) together and that makes us strong

  • Hug to you Helenwheels and congratulations for running your graduation run today. xx

    You went out as planned and I imagine had quite a tough run.

    Carry on running now you are wearing your shiny badge, and posting of your next running adventures.

    Well done. xxx

  • Thanks Jan. Really have appreciated you kind and wise words during this process. Better times ahead....

  • Im not very wise...just a graduate like you😊x

  • Well said and good run too!

  • Thank you SB

  • You got it spot on there - and congratulations on your graduation.

  • AMEN ! to that x👍🇬🇧😀😀

  • Hug done.

    Well done on your run. It is a mad world we live in. Headspace and running helps.

  • Congratulations Helen. Posts like this give me the inspiration to carry on running.

    No badge next to my name yet.... but one day :)

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