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Running buddy trip!

So just finished my w5r3 and thinking I should do it again. My little 9 yr old daughter joined in (faster than me on the runs/slower on the walks), as she does roughly every other run. Half way through she fell over, so ended up jogging up on the spot for a minute or so persuading a wailing child to carry on (mean mummy!). We went very slowly from then on - but did run, with me telling her how brave and what a good athlete she was - to which she replied that it's only footballers who throw themselves to the ground and writhe in agony - ha ha! Perceptive child 😉. Covered far less ground than r2 when I checked distance at the end and definitely found it easier probably due to interruptions, so maybe repeat this one? 3 weeks to go until Race for Life!

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Well done, you've done it so there's no need to do it again. And that jogging on the spot still counts!

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You did the run! Doesn't matter what the circumstances were. You ran for the whole time! I think it's great you're doing it with your daughter! Lovely for her to see you out achieving so much.


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