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New running buddy

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My son joined me today. We did week 3 run 1. He’s so much faster than me. It seems running is quite easy when you are 12.

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Well done to both of you.

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That's great !Hope you both enjoyed the run 😁

We did thanks - he claims he’ll come again

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Try to keep him on board. Running and getting involved with parkrun and the like will be such a great thing for a teenager and it is such a joy to run with your offspring.

If he is faster, the pace needs to be set by you..........if you can rein him in.

AlMorr profile image

Lovely photo of you and your son, many boys and girls can run sub 30 even some sub 25 minute 5K's without the training that adults need, their running pace comes naturally to them, especially if they are into other sports such as football, rugby or hockey, well done to both of you for running run 1 of week 3. 😊 🏃🏾

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Yes I wish I’d started at 12 instead of 66! Well done on your progress so far!

Yay got youth! Well done Ssasqueen Jnr.

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Well done both of you. So good to see mother and son running together.

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Well done x2

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There really should be such a thing as a mum and son fun run! They go so fast even when they're not trying but we can still teach 'em a thing or two 😁💖

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How wonderful! I have been supporting my teenage daughter on her C25K and we have had a great time running together. Her next run is her graduation run. Enjoy your mother-son runs and what a gorgeous, happy photo! 😊

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