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Completed Week 3

I thought I'd ring the changes and run at my Mum's this morning. It was nice to have a change of scenery, and it's really flat where she lives.

I'm feeling very proud of myself completing week 3. I carried on feeling a bit grotty with a sore throat and feeling a bit virusy in week 2 (and felt so much better for it). I figured if I could manage going to work, I could manage a run. I might not have done in the middle of winter!

I am one third of the way through. That's quite an achievement. I am feeling ready to move on at the end of each week. 😀

If you're thinking you can't carry on, try to stick with it. It's so worth all the huffing and puffing!

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You huffed and puffed, but you did not fall down :)

Go you.. well done on finding some flat too! Onward and upward :)

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