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W7R3 - muddy

W7R3 - muddy

I was going to skip today as it was raining pretty good and I run on dirt/sand. My training partner would have none of it though so out we went and ran in the mud. It was technically my W7R3 run but please keep in mind I was running about a month before I started the program. I started the program as a way to give my efforts some structure, and as a way to limit injuries. It's excelled at both. That being said, my run today was just over 36 minutes, and we got our first 5k! I'm going to run the rest of the program limited to 5k distance and see if I can't get my duration down a notch. I'd imagine just running in sunny weather should improve it some. -- Edit to add a pic, I decided Abs needed some runners bling for the 5k, so I stole one off my wife's old letter jacket.

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Hope your wife knows 😉 Cute photo.

Great news on the 5K. Well done.

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