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W3r3 vs 5k mud run

So I got signed up for a 5k mud run . Never really thought about it just sounded fun . So 5 weeks ago i decided to give up smoking after 20 years and take up running. Couch25k sounded perfect and it is. By the time I had to do the mud run I had reached w3r2. So on Sunday a bit reluctant but still very excited I went for it and one hour and 34 minutes later I was crossing the finish line!!! I must say it was hard couldn't run all the way but coming second in my age group made me feel so proud.

So now I need to get back to my c25 schedule do I go w3r3 or straight to w4r1?

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Move right along! 😃

Go nice and slowly. No hurry. Best to go steady and finish the job in one piece. You could find a muddy trail so you're on familiar territory 😁

Good luck


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