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W4R2 Nailed It

Was quite wary of this one this morning as I headed out at 5am to avoid being spotted. No one wants to see me wobbling down the road in my Lycra just after breakfast so I go out early and scare the birds instead

Actually apprehensive when I set off this morning but once I started I got into it and began to enjoy it yes ENJOY !! I've joined Spotify and downloaded some songs onto to my phone and was glad no one was about when I joined in on a couple of tracks cos I can't sing in tune

Got to wait until Sunday for 3rd run so might download some more tracks in the meantime

Great app couldn't have got this far without it

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I ran the same run as you this morning ! Congratulations ! I'm most impressed that you managed to sing whilst running!


Wouldn't call it singing and I certainly won't be able to do it next week


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