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W8R3 nailed it!


After such an amazing run on Wednesday (my first 5k) I got pre-run jitters today. My head wasn't in the right place and I set out not knowing whether to try for the 5k again, or stick to the 28 minute run. As Laura kept track of my progress, and Lucy my spaniel edged me on-wards I decided to go for the 5k so when Laura said I could stop, I didn't.

5k in 32 minutes but it was harder today.

I would love to shift those two minutes and have 3 runs before graduation.....any suggestions please?

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Really well done on your run :) If the 5k is just the running part that is a very good time :)

In reality you don't need to be able to do 5k in 30 mins it is more about creating a good routine of being able to run 3 x a week for approx 30 mins and then go on from there.

For many 5 in 30 doesn't happen during c25k and it something to work on after graduation

I wouldn't push it , do the runs as they come If it happens naturally even better , obviously we are all different you should do what suits you and go on how you feel , I don't think it would be to long before you do achieve your goal of 5 in 30:)

SlowstartGraduate in reply to Slow_Rob

Yes the 5k is measured from when I start to when I stop running. You always give such good advice. I think having the dog with me makes me run faster but I'll do as you say and just enjoy the next few runs knowing I have years ahead to hit that particular target. Thanks keeping me focused.

Slow_RobGraduate in reply to Slowstart

I love Spaniels too ;) love to see a pic, i had a springer along time ago .

SlowstartGraduate in reply to Slow_Rob

Sorry Rob and Yamiskoi,

but I couldn't work out how to add a picture to this post, or how to update my profile with a picture, so wrote a new post on behalf of Lucy.


It's amazing that you pushed yourself beyond the expectations of the program today, well done.

As I'm only on week7 I have no advice, but I suggest you post pics of your spaniel, I used to have a spaniel and I love dogs :-) Not helpful, I know, but still. Anyway well done for today, that's really inspiring for people a few weeks behind you like me :-)

SlowstartGraduate in reply to yamiskoi

Now that's getting technical, posting pictures hhhmmmm. I'll look into that, challenge accepted.

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Slowstart

If I can do it... then I am sure you can! :)

Well done for getting this far. I agree with Slow Rob, Speed and distance will come later, I would follow Laura's tried and tested program it will build you up gradually reducing the risk of injury. Keep up the good work and enjoy your running!

SlowstartGraduate in reply to Frank-ntj

Thank you, I'm always saying "Laura knows best" so I should stick to the program and try the 5k again later. I think I just got carried away with the excitement.


Just go with it, and I think you may do it without realising it... that is what happened to me anyway!

Just enjoy the journey to Graduation and work on the rest later? :)

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