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W2/2 breathing!

So I have now completed week one and done 2 runs in week 2. Found them surprisingly enjoyable, although if I try counting my breaths , I end up gasping for air! If I don't think about my breathing, I'm fine.

Today is also June 1st so with over £400 in sponsorship, I now have to walk (or run) 10000 steps a day.

I really hope that as well as benefiting Cancer Research, my overall fitness levels take a huge leap up!!

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They might do if you stick with it. It takes time though, so patience will be required 🙂✔️💪👍

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Well done you... and you have it right..just breathe....anyway that feels right for you:) It is like blinking...if we think about it...( oops... I just did) ! :)

Stay with the programme and keep it steady and slow :)


Just breathe normally. Go very slowly and preserve your puff 😃


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