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Breathing? W2

Hey guys! So needing advice! I'm on my final run of week 2 and I'm managing fine and doing an alright pace. That said, I've been trying to take Laura's advice on breathing (4 in 4 out with left step) however I'm struggling to keep time. I can breathe out for 4 no bother, but breathing in I struggle- like I can only hold so much air. It's not holding me back but I'm thinking it'll be important the further down the line I get. Any advice welcome :-)

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You're doing way better than I was at that stage.  I had the same problem but it really caused me problems.  Make sure you are not going too fast.  Maybe try 3 breaths in and 3 out if 4 is too much?  I must admit that I don't concentrate on this too much, I just try to find a rhythm that works for me and keep going.  One other thing, I was struggling so much, that I had a puff on my hubby's Ventolin before running and that made it a hundred times better - just a thought?

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2 things: first, if you are having any breathing issues it always comes down to slowing down. Reduce your 'alright pace' to 'alright and able to breathe pace'.

Secondly, ignore Laura's advice on breathing. Ignore her advice on footstriking as well when t comes to it. Just run however feels natural to you and keep it slow and your feet and breaths will do their thing quite naturally.

Move your ass and your lungs will follow, as George Clinton almost said once.


Thanks. I'm not unable to breathe, in fact if I don't think about it I feel fine and able to talk as I run etc. It's just when I think about the 4 in 4 out, it feels too long a breath in for me so was worried that it may cause issues further along. But I'm glad you've suggested to go with what feels right, as I'd think if I'm able to keep a conversation when jogging, then my breathing must be ok? 

I do a fair amount of cardio in terms of classes and I've had the same thing when I think about breaths it struggle but if I'm left to it I'm fine and singing along! Maybe I'm just overthinking it. Thanks for the advice! Good to hear from people with experience :-)


I had exacly the same thing when I did the programme. I was extrememly unfit when I started so struggled with getting puffed out anyway, but put loads of effort into 'focusing on my breathing' and counting in/exhales and whethere I was moving my diaphragm and all that and it made everything much worse.

It wasn't until I completely stopped consciously thinking about my breathing that my running came together, and I don't think I have given it another thought in any of the thousands of miles I have run since.

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Breathing to a 1-2-3-4 pattern feels a little forced.  Breathing is really important though, it helps so much on longer runs, no-one wants to be gasping for breath. I try to start breathing slowly and deeply even on my warm up walk, this gets the oxygen into my lungs before even starting.  Rather than counting my breathing, I breathe slowly,mwhatever feels comfortable.  As you progress through the weeks, your lung capacity will increase so it should get easier


I would suffocate if I breathed as Laura suggests! Just get a rhythm for your own breathing, I think that's the point she's trying to make. I have now and it's defo not hers 😂


"4 in, 4 out" is just a rough indication; what really matters is that you take deep breathes instead of gasping and that you exhale completely before inhaling again.

If you do not exhale completely, you accumulate carbon dioxide, which is the first responsible for the feeling of being out of breath; that will stimulate you to increase your breathing frequency, with the result that you'll take even shallower breathes and accumulate more CO2...

Ideally you should exhale for a bit longer than you inhale or, at least, for the same time.


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