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i started my week two about 3 days ago, i was a bit apprehensive to start of with. but took it slowly. i feel my heart rate rising, which is surely a good thing for weight loss. i did day 2 this morning, and my legs felt like jelly coming home. but you know what, we have to keep at it. for our own healths. and thats the main thing. No one else can go out there for you and do the training. you have to do the training!! i might drag it over 2 weeks, but we will see on Monday. I dont tend to look forward and see whats in store for me in the weeks to come, because it discourages me.

I have been getting up at 5am every morning to do this. however this morning, i felt a little bit like i want to stay in bed. Then i tried to motivate myself and say why i am doing this. as long as you have a piece of paper somewhere, or something on your phone that can tell you why you are doing this, it will encourage you.

i have let my mates know on Facebook also that i am doing. and the abundance of encouragement i get from them is great.

so i want to pass the encouragement to all you people out there doing this. Keep going! Dont give up!

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thank you for you encouragement. when i saw the before photo on moagie blog. i thought yep thats my shape! but then i saw her after photo! man alive!! that could be me in 10 months or more. wow! thanks showing me that and for the inspiration. I looked at week 3 just a moment ago, and the idea of running for 3 minutes scares me. but i will give it a go. but one of my friends said to me also, if it takes you longer, it takes you longer, just try to keep yourself safe without injury, we all progress differently.

I have noticed a change in my stamina, but i have also seen a change in my mindset. when i run the 90 seconds i have a start point and and end point. and as long as i keep my eye on the end point, i know i can keep on going.

i may have to change where i train for week 3, because where i have been training is too small for the 3 minute run. so its time to venture out!! excitement!

since starting i have lost 5 inches from my waist! i will get a before photo up soon.

thanks again!


Well done for getting started - the first and most difficult step to getting fitter. You have exactly the right attitude. Keep plugging away at our own pace. Repeat runs or weeks as you need to and keep it nice and slow. Take your rest days and remember to stretch out after runs so that you minimise your stiffness.

Good luck - end enjoy!


Hey Laura, that's really encouraging. Getting outdoors is the hardest part of this program and you're really accomplishing something. 5am my word! Facebook and all your friends online here will be cheering for you, and you'll get plenty of support when you have less positive days.


Well done - and keep up that positive outlook. Good luck for the weeks ahead.


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