W2 R... 5?

Due to my complete inconsistency after being ill a few weeks ago I have ended up doing week 2 about 5 times. I think as well it's because I'm a little worried about going onto week 3 and having to run for 3 minutes. I can do the 90 seconds but the past 2 runs have made me very close to throwing up when I get to the fourth, fifth and sixth runs.

Should I brave it and go onto week 3 without having done it for 2 weeks or should I do week 2 again and make it W2R6? I kinda feel like I'm failing repeating week 2 so many times.


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5 Replies

  • If you haven't run for two weeks why not do one run of week 2 see how it goes and if all good move onto week 3. Don't get anxious about the longer running times if you've done the prep work you will be fine, the plan works and works well, have faith in it and more so have faith in yourself. You can do this just relax and try to enjoy what you are achieving. Good luck

  • Tell yourself Week 3 is a real test for you after being ill and give it a try. You will probably be amazed at what you can achieve! If it's still too much for you then you're not well enough just yet. Listen to your body and don't worry about 'moving on'. Lots of good luck!

  • I agree with both the replies above. The very worst that can happen if you try to move on a week is that you have to slow down or even stop. The main thing is you are trying your best and you are still recovering from being ill. Be kind to yourself, listen to your body. Relax and enjoy it for what it is. If you push yourself too far it will take you longer to heal completely.

    What is important is - you are giving it a go. WELL DONE YOU! It will all fall into place for you in time - so stop stressing - ENJOY!

  • Hi! If you are ok on the first intervals but suffering on the later ones try going slower, it may seem annoying but it's better to be slow and steady and make it all the way through, speed comes later. The program is designed to give you the stamina by building your fitness (& confidence) as you improve.

    Good luck :-)

  • Thanks everyone. I just did week 2 again and it went fine. I even ended up going quicker than previous times by the end of it. Think I'll start week 3 on wednesday and take the advice to keep it slow. Thanks for the advice and support :)

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