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These Arrived Yesterday


After owning a pair of Amuri Ventures a couple of years back (, I was looking for a running sandal that felt a little more secure upon the feet.

Behold, the Vivobarefoot Eclipse running sandal, ordered from Amazon.

Admittedly, I've not run in them yet and they may not be to everyone's taste, but I've worn them around the house and for running short errands outdoors the past two evenings.

Thankfully, they feel far more secure than my previous bare foot running sandal (instructions are included as to how to achieve best fit), so I'm hoping that they perform better than the Amuri Ventures.

Even if they don't, I'll use them as summer foot wear, as they feel great for meandering about.

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Ive never seen those before , I didn't realise that running sandals even existed . Everydays a school day :-)

Hope you have fun giving them a run out !

I hope you don't think I am being too personal, but your feet are absolutely GORGEOUS !!!

You should be a foot model ! How do you manage to keep them looking that good ? :-) xxx

BonkersbritGraduate in reply to poppypug

I was going to ask if he'd had a pedicure in preparation for the photo, those nails look very well cared for!!😜

Rest assured. Definitely no pedicure, BonkersBrit. Just the simple application of coconut oil, to maintain the health of skin and nails.

Curlygurly2Graduate in reply to MrNiceGuy

Is that the same coconut oil you can buy in supermarkets, for cooking with? (sorry if that's a stupid question!)

Yes, it's exactly the same that can purchased in the oils and vinegars aisle in supermarkets. I used to use Lucy Bee (priced at £6 a jar), but now buy Aldi's Coco Loco, for around £2.50, since I consider it to be just as good.

PippiRuns in reply to poppypug


MrNiceGuy in reply to poppypug

Thanks very much for the compliments, poppypug. Admittedly, I do take good care of my feet (football and running), but my foot care routine is incredibly simple; I simply apply coconut oil to them every day, to maintain health of the skin and nails, use a pumice sponge upon the soles to smooth rough skin and trim and file the nails every 7-10 days.

Barefoot running sandals have been around for a few years now, as an alternative to the likes of Vibram 5 fingers, which are particularly useful for those cannot wear Vibrams (due to the length of their second toe)

Again, everyone has their own opinion upon barefoot running, but it's something I began to research a few years back and often run barefoot during summer months (usually upon sand and concrete/block paved beach fronts).

I'm currently up to 3.5 miles barefoot on concrete, but have bought them to cover longer distances, not least upon raised tarmac.

poppypugGraduate in reply to MrNiceGuy

Ah I have tried Coconut Oil on my feet . Only trouble is one of my Pugs absolutely adores the smell of it, so I always make sure I put my socks on straight after :-D

Good Luck , I hope they do the business for you xxx

MrNiceGuy in reply to poppypug

Haha...I guess its application could have downsides. To prevent accidents, I put socks on after application.

Have you found it helpful in maintaining/improving the condition of the skin?

poppypugGraduate in reply to MrNiceGuy

Yes I have , when I remember to use it :-)

I am notoriously bad at maintaining a routine , must try harder :-) xxx

MrNiceGuy in reply to poppypug

I refuse to use anything else on my feet as a moisturiser; I consider it as food for the skin.

poppypugGraduate in reply to MrNiceGuy

It is really good stuff, Ive got a huge jar of it . I just need to be more organized and remember to use it regularly :-) xxx

MrNiceGuy in reply to poppypug

I agree, it is wonderful stuff. I have jars of it dotted about all over the house, particularly in the kitchen. I even use it to polish formal shoes and for restoring lustre to wooden flooring.

poppypugGraduate in reply to MrNiceGuy

Have you tried oil pulling ? I tried it once but it made me feel a bit sick to be honest .

Plus I heard , and I don't know if its correct or not, that it can pull your fillings out, so I don't want to take that risk :-) xxx

MrNiceGuy in reply to poppypug

No, I've not tried oil pulling, as I don't particularly fancy swilling it around my mouth for 15-20 minutes. As such, I can wholly appreciate why you felt sick when attempting it.

I mostly use it for skin care and for cooking with.

IrishprincessGraduate in reply to poppypug

You took the words right out of my mouth poppy. I saw this picture and thought " what beautiful feet". I've only ever seen another pair so gorgeous and they belonged to a lady I use to work with.

Sorry MrNiceGuy I've been so busy looking at your feet I haven't noticed your shoes ☺️

Thanks very much, Irishprincess. Hopefully they provide hope, in that runners can still possess respectable feet.

A jar of of coconut oil is pretty much all you need

BonkersbritGraduate in reply to MrNiceGuy

I can just about believe it of runners but did I read you also play football?

I married my husband 24 years ago, a dedicated (Sunday league) football player and it was over four years before I ever saw him without at least one black or missing toenail. His feet are gross. He doesn't play much any more but I wish his feet looked like yours! And I was blaming the football. He's getting coconut oil for Xmas this year!!😜

Haha. That is hilarious.

Yes, I used to play regularly until I was around 30. The last occasion I kicked a ball was around 2 years ago, so now I just run.

In my late teens, my feet really suffered, so started looking after them (that was nearly 20 years ago).

Still, caring for them throughout my footballing days certainly ensured that no toe nails were lost, despite leather of football boots becoming thinner over the years. I think it's more the narrow toe box that also contributes, made worse by the constant changing of direction on the field, squashing the toes.

For me, though, football was and running is harder upon the skin.

I started using coconut oil on them around 4-5 years ago and it's certainly worked to ensure that my feet soles possess very little callus skin.

Shorty7Graduate in reply to poppypug

Lol I was thinking the exact same thing as I scrolled down!!

I'll look forward to your review. They look comfy!

MrNiceGuy in reply to PippiRuns

Thanks Iben. They do feel comfortable and secure. I'm hoping they live up to expectation.


Mr NiceFeetGuy, can I ask you to report back after a few runs in these new sandals? Ive never tried anything like these to run in. Let's be honest, probably never feet are nowhere near as cute as yours....even with nails polished!!

I intend on trying them out tomorrow evening, so will report back. I'm hoping they remain as secure when running, as they do while walking around with them on.

If not, like I've said, I'll simply use them as a comfy leisure sandal.

nikkiwabitGraduate in reply to MrNiceGuy

Do keep us in formed about how they work out while running. I hate wearing shoes as seen by all previous exercise I have done - swimming, judo & yoga.

MrNiceGuy in reply to nikkiwabit

I'm not really a fan of closed shoes/trainers, either, as I have a wide forefoot and high instep, hence why I prefer to run bare foot or wear flip flops during summer months.

I've just submitted my first review, having worn them earlier this evening.

nikkiwabitGraduate in reply to MrNiceGuy

Where can I see your review. My feet were soggy at the end of the run today (and only week one!)

MrNiceGuy in reply to nikkiwabit

I'm not exactly sure how links are posted into replies, but look for my thread posted yesterday evening: Brief Update on the Vivo Eclipse.

Brace yourself for the full brunt of my withering scorn and derision over the weeks and months to come.

Meanwhile relax with a nice glass of chia iskiate.

BonkersbritGraduate in reply to Rignold

Come on Rignold, you would be/could be male models need to stick together! Surely they'd be ok to do squats in, if nothing else?

Very true. Having read the Amazon reviews (both UK & US), a reviewer did mention that they were worn for performing outdoor resistance work.

MrNiceGuy in reply to Rignold

Why the scorn and derision?

They look comfy! Have you worn sandals with toe posts before, and if not how do you find the toe bit? I've been wondering whether to bite the bullet and get these myself but have been hesitant because of the in between toe bit

When I'm not bare foot, my feet do spend a lot of time in flip flops (Havaianas) throughout the year, so I'm certainly not averse to toe posts.

As for the toe post of the Vivo Eclipse, in comparison to the Amuri Venture, I found that it doesn't pull. Whether that's due to an increased range of adjustment, allowing for a more secure fit I'm not exactly sure, but I do prefer them to the Venture.

That said, if you're not keen on toe posts, XeroShoes now sell a barefoot sandal without a toe post, which may be worth consideration:


You have lovely feet, I hope you don't stub any toes while running in them!

Thanks very much, jamsammich. Thankfully, stubbing my toes isn't something that commonly occurs, even when running bare foot on concrete surfaces.

jamsammichGraduate in reply to MrNiceGuy

I stub mine in my shoes! 😂

MrNiceGuy in reply to jamsammich

Toes keep banging against the front of the trainers?


I don't think they would suit my trails........thistles, nettles, sheep shit, pine needles and tree roots......

I never knew so many women were foot fetishists!

BonkersbritGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

We didn't realize we were until Mr NiceFeetGuy started all this!!

I do feel for him, I'm not sure this is how he intended it to go!

I hadn't quite intended it to go the way it has, but I have appreciated the compliments, nonetheless.

Haha...very good. I very much doubt that they are, though.

They may not necessarily be much good for trail running, but they do offer ample protection from stones and glass when treading the streets

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