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Trying to achieve 10k!

Hi! everyone hope all is well with you all.

This morning I managed to run just over 6k with only one teeny weeny stop!😅

I think that this is not too bad considering that I live in the sticks with plenty of inclines.

So one of the inclines is so hard I had to just power walk that one.😡😡

Of course the heat did not help.So next time I'll be out much earlier ha!

My aim is to get to 10k hopefully ,after my RFL 5k in July

However I am getting stronger with my running and still listening to the podcast for stepping stones,speed and stamina,and of course ABBA!!!!! ha!

Happy running all see ya!😀😀

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That is a couple of misleading post titles...... I was about to get you signed up for the next Olympics..........10k......36minutes.........

Are you building your distance gradually? Trying​ to run 10k, if the furthest you have run to date is 6k, is not a good idea. Most people just increase one run per week, assuming you are still doing three per week, and keep the increase to a maximum of 10% of your weekly total. To do more will increase your injury risk considerably.

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I understand what you mean Ian.

However I am quite sensible and 59,so I'm doing this gradually. I do try to get out every other day.As I only work two days a week now this is manageable,if not it is three times a week.

I have a 5k(second one this year so far) RFL in July so I'm looking to eventually do a 10k later on in the year if not next year.

I am at the stage now that I feel I am ready to start to build up my

Race distance,gradually though!

Many thanks for your advice though will keep it in mind😀😀


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