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After watching the London marathon yesterday and being inspired by all the amazing stories from the runners I started thinking about my next target after graduating.  I have still got a couple of weeks to go on the beginners course I have been doing with our local running group which lasts for 12 weeks rather than 9.  Have completed 2 parkruns and managed the second one in 31:53 so was very pleased with that. I work best when I have a specific goal to work to so decided to sign up for the Women's Running Magazine 10K in Manchester in September.  It should be do-able I think if I start to build up my distance slowly, fingers crossed I have not just got carried away with myself.  Hopefully the progression from 5 - 10K is easier than from 0 - 5K.  


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  • I felt exactly the same watching the marathon yesterday! Graduated last week and now thinking about goals too as I need something to aim for.  Maybe marathon in 2018, but a 10k sounds more realistic.  Go for it :-)

  • Sounds like you're doing amazingly well.  It's definitely good to have a goal to work towards and 10K is definitely doable, especially if you stick to slow progress.  Adding no more than 10% per week, either to the distance or the time, works well.

  • Thank you!

  • I found it to be easier but of course still takes a good deal of commitment.  I tried a 10k programme that re-introduced walk breaks and introduced me to tempo runs.  As this was straight after graduation, I don't feel I was ready for this and my legs were very sore as a result.  I dropped back to running X 30 mins X 3 times a week for a week, then on a good day just kept going to do a 5k.  For several weeks I did 3 X 5k and as it was still challenging stuck to that.  Had a good run and ran a bit longer to 5.5k and psychologically then felt confident to do more.  I stuck to 2 X 5k runs and a "long run day" which I still do.  Found a nice flat track and did a 6, next week did a 7, followed by an 8 and then trudged a bit further and did a 10k!  Main thing is to avoid injury and increase distance gradually.  I try to do my long runs on grass to lessen any impact too.  Strength and flex exercises on rest days help so much too.  Looking forward to hearing how u get on.  There is a 10k forum here too by the way.  Julie

  • Thanks Julie, that is really helpful, I definitely intend to build up gradually as I don't want to risk pushing my luck and getting an injury.  As a 49 year old previously un-sporty person I am amazed that so far I have been fine and want it to stay that way. Hopefully the fact that the 10K is in September will give me enough time to consolidate my 5K runs and increase my distance gently.

  • I am similar, totally a non runner until C25K, 52 years old and it is miraculous I can run at all!  I am slow and steady but surprisingly my toffee legs are quite strong.  I know when I need to adjust what I am doing or to put in a 2 day rest and like you, I allowed plenty of time for me to do my 10k event.  It is still not easy bit at least I already know I have worked up to that distance and on a good day, I will cross the finish line LOL!

  • Like JoolieB1 says whether it is easier depends on your training plan. I didn't have one, just increased 1 run gradually until I'd done it. I use the stamina and speed podcasts once a week each. I like stamina better but they are both good for training and I speed up for the last 5-10 minutes of every run. I figure by then I am definitely warmed up! 

  • Perfectly doable and a great goal to work towards 😊

    Build up gradually , take the rest days , they are  just as important  , main thing is to have fun and enjoy doing it 😊

  • Thanks Rob, never thought I would be able to run 5K let alone plan to run 10! It is amazing how much you can achieve in just a few weeks.  Best thing I ever did.

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