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Week 1 - done 🙋🏼🙋🏼

Hi I'm 38 and haven't run since i was probably doing something I shouldn't have been doing at 14 :/ I'm a little excited at completing my first week, my teenage son has done it with me. Do we all really mange to run for 30 minutes without stopping ?? Scared but excited I can't believe how good it makes you feel, everyone should have a go maybe the world would be a nicer place

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You can do it after 9 weeks as you will be going slowly and you will have completed all the sessions.

You'll be amazed at what you can achieve!

Good luck

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Oh yes defo going slowly :) thankyou X


Responding from Week 4, I would pass on the mantra 'go a bit slower, and then even slower' and you'll do it. It's like discovering new gears. You will speed up naturally over time (they say). Good luck and go at your pace, not the teenagers'.


Hi :) slowly is the plan, I can't imagine getting to week 4 :)


You can do it and as misswobble says.. slow and steady is the way..!

And, yes, we do run for thirty minutes without stopping.. it is exciting, it is scary and at times seems highly unlikely:)

But..if you follow the programme, take your rest days and add in extra exercise on those days walking or swimming or cycling.. or as many of us have use the NHS Strength and Flex programme... you will get to Graduation, injury free and having had great fun!

Remember that your son is likely to be, naturally, slightly speedier than you ( ah.. the joys of youth).... so make sure you just take it at your pace :) He can always go on ahead and come back for you... just joking!

Keep posting for great advice and support, ask questions... we have all been there and know what you may be feeling... It is a great place, and not just abut the running.. you feel mentally, as well as physically, stronger and fitter..and the benefits from completing this are limitless!

You are right.. I often say that if we all got together from this forum family, the world really could be a a better place :)

Looking forward to your next post! :)

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Hi :) I'll have a look at the exercise program, is that an app too?

My boy does go on ahead and then walks back to me lol, he practically walks if he stays with me :)

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