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happy Friday!!

Camping this weekend - so very excited - and trying something *new*

It's a Running for Weight Loss app. (I'm trying to shake the 6 year old child clinging to my back) The routine is customised after a few questions, and my "routine" is 41 minutes long - including a 5 minute warm up & 5 minute warm down... the time inbetween is spent doing 4 minutes running, followed by a 15 second sprint, followed by a one minute walk, then repeated. Is that considered HIIT? I don't know - all I do know is it feels like a brilliant work out. Okay - so the 15 second sprint is supposed to be at 80% of your top speed - I don't even know how to figure that out. I just set the treadmill to 6mph and go for it. I have to say, it's my favourite part. Completely.

How is everyone doing?

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That sound fun. Will check it out. Thanks for the tip. Happy camping ⛺️ ⛺️ 🌲 🔥


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