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Stuck at wk5 run 1

Ok, tonight I attempted week 5 run 1 for the forth time!! To be fair, I do have a sore throat and a tight chest so today's attempt was actually the worst of the 4 goes, but the other 3 attempts I've just been short of finishing all the runs fully, having to stop and walk.

I'm getting annoyed at myself as I have been enjoying it and I'm worried that I will get disillusioned and give up (I certainly am not the persevering type!) so I just don't want to get into that mind set when I have been doing so well. Has anyone else struggled at this point? X

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You say you had to stop.........Why? Were you in pain?


The first 3 attempts were my legs, tonight it was my breathing. Just so disappointed in myself ๐Ÿ˜”


Ah, so maybe the legs are getting accustomed but you have not yet sorted out breathing. If breathing is a problem, there is only one answer......slow down. You may be running at the same pace as previously, but if you have a cold or at this time of year hayfever, or are just tense, then your breathing may not be as easy as usual. Regardless, slow down.

Make sure you are well hydrated. I drink a pint of water before a 5k run, on top of regular hydration through the day.

Don't be disappointed. Look how far you have come in the last few weeks. Be proud. Next time, don't go out with a negative attitude about these runs that you did not quite finish, remember that each run, even if you don't complete it, is building your stamina and developing your body. It is different for every new runner and is as much a mental challenge as a physical one.

Believe in your own amazing abilities. YOU CAN DO IT!!

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That's brilliant advice, thank you so much!! Will definitely take on board these comments for next time.


Hi! From what I've read you can get away with running with a cold, but anything chest related is that much more difficult. But good on you for trying. And maybe wait until your chest is better before trying again,

Please don't get disillusioned and give up. I can't remember which weeks I struggled with and had to redo (bad attack of the gremlinsand also going too fast). The key thing to remember (and this is now engraved on my brain) is to take it slowly and steadily. And if you're still feeling it, go even slower. It doesn't matter if you end up jogging slower than you can walk because it's a very different activity and takes more energy. You will do it - honestly!

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Ahh thank you, you've made me feel better and reminded me of the 'slow and steady' mantra.

That's where this forum is so helpful. Thanks again and well done you for running also! X


I done the same run today found it myself ok but I haven't got a cold or anything don't get me wrong my legs nearly gave up. I was disappointed in myself last week doing W4R2 had to stop for the last 20 seconds of the last run as I was going up hill and my legs just stopped but I went out on the next run more determined than ever plus I avoided any hills. Just keep saying u can do that's what I say to myself all the time keep it up ๐Ÿ‘


Well done you. I'm hoping once this sore throat has past, I can get back on track.

Well I'm hoping it's the sore throat that's hindering me!

Everyone on here seems to be doing great!


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