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Unexpectedly OK

I'm really pleased today. I managed to do W5R1. Having struggled with Week 4 and had to repeat it a bit, I was dreading today, expecting a fail. But strangely, it was OK.

I've decided on the longer runs its important to stop thinking about how long before you can stop running; how long till Laura says those magic words 'that's it for today'. You need to take your mind off it. Concentrate on the music, work out your shopping list, compose your next post or that novel you were going to write. Solve Fermat's Last Theorem, calculate the weight of the Universe, recite poetry, (in your head please!), anything to keep your mind occupied until Laura's magic words come as a pleasant interruption.

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Well done! ... and you're absolutely right about taking your mind off the hard bit of running.

Also, there's never a f**led run, they are practice runs. Some runs are better than others but they are all building your fitness and experience.

Keep smiling, keep running ... you can do it!


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