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I confess I've been lurking for a while now, everyone's words of wisdom and encouragement are a constant source of support to me, as a newbie 'runner'. I must also confess to flunking out of C25K, and (rightly or wrongly) making my own way to the magic 5k. I've only been 'running' since the beginning of February and yes I suppose I have done well to get to the magic 5k (I've managed it 3 times now) I'm around the 36-38 minute mark but boy is it hard. Parkrun has been my goal since day one and today I braved the route on my own, just to see how it felt, how long it took etc etc etc. Well yes I did it (36 ish minutes) but my lord, every step was an effort, it was windy, it was hot, I wore too many clothes, there were too many people, my car keys were jangling in my spi-belt, and I didn't take my earphones so I could hear my breathlessness in all its glory. I so want to do Parkrun on Saturday (I drive my son there every week!) but I confess my experience today has left me feeling a little deflated, and I'm also freaking out about all those bodies around me - usually around 300 attendees!!! Any of your wonderful words of wisdom would be gratefully received about now.


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  • I have only done parkrun once on Christmas Eve when completing 5k was still a novelty. Somehow running with others is not as daunting as it sounds. I started near the back as I didn't fancy having hoards of people overtaking me. Also, remember that running is as much mental strength as physical, even those who have been at it for a while find it hard going at times. You will have good runs and those that are a slog, every one is far better than being sat on the couch. Go for it! I am sure that you will enjoy it & remember if it's tough slow down then slow down some more. With a time of 36 minutes you won't be last :-) Happy running.

  • Thank you, I do aim to go for it on Saturday, I'll be amused to see how quickly my son laps me!

  • Let us know how it goes 😀

  • Please do the parkrun on Saturday ! There really is nothing to be afraid of, you certainly won't be last with that time. All the bodies will only be around you for the first couple of minutes then they'll string out, don't try and follow them, just go at your own pace and don't be tempted to run off too fast. Re clothing, be bold-start cold ! Really hope you enjoy it. I LOVE parkrun.

  • Thanks for the advice, especially the starting cold and keeping your own pace bits. I hope I get to love Parkrun as much as you.

  • Go for it :) It's not like you will miss out on Olympic Gold if you are not in front at the finish or anything :) I went to my first 5K race full of nerves. Before it and pretty much since you can set your watch to within 30 or 40 seconds of my 5K time - 38 minutes.

    That day I was being passed by Gazelles, old ladies, people who had never run before chatting away and hauling on dog leads etc....and I finished in 33 and a bit and had an EXCELLENT morning out :)

    It's fun :) go on - give it a go ;)

  • Thanks for that, people running AND chatting is just some kind of madness......I can barely breathe let alone chat!

  • I KNOW!!!! I still can't do that! :)

  • You'll be absolutely fine!!!! And you won't be last!!!!

    And you just might find the feeling of running with a bunch of like minded people is quite a nice thing to do.

    One word of warning - don't let the faster runners make you take off too fast, just stick to your own pace.


  • Wise words, thank you

  • That race I was at?

    The last person over the line got the biggest most warmest applause of all because everyone knew the race they had run with themself ;)

  • That's nice, however if I don't beat the tail walker I will have truly failed with my 'running' quest!

  • Aaargh!!! That "F" word is verboten!!!! : O

  • Ha ha, I had to look that one up 😂

  • I did it......I did it (does happy dance!!!)...... time was a little slower than my practice the other day and I still don't really know why, however I did get myself in a bit of a state this morning, and my tummy was in full job interview mode (sorry......too much information I know!!) so anyway 1st one out of the way......onwards and upwards. Thanks for the support 😃😃

  • Brilliant!

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