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Painful blister help please


I graduated a couple of weeks ago and have run about 7 or 8 5Ks since. Yesterday when I was out, I had a huge blister with ripped skin on the inner arch of my right foot. I have running shoes but had to buy in soles to support the arch of my right foot. Have been getting small blisters here since using the in soles but I do need them. I have also been putting plasters over the blister but itslid off yesterday.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Going to have to rest for a couple of days cos this is one painful blister.

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Oooh, sounds painful indeed. Have you been using Compeed blister plasters? (Boots also do a version.) The relief is instantaneous and they don't slip off, they stay on pretty much until the blister has healed/ the layer of skin under them sloughs them off. I also use the Compeed stick before going on hikes tho I'm not sure it's that effective (touch wood, I don't tend to get blisters from running). Good luck!

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After talking to some seasoned runners at work, it is clear that I need to go and get fitted for a proper pair of running shoes.


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