Frustrated! 😭

I ran wk4r2 on Monday, and was so pleased with being able to run it with more strength and endurance, than the r1. So exciting to feel how much stronger I am becoming. Tuesday I was hit with a sledge hammer, I came down with a seriously high temp. Ooh, I was so ill. Took myself off to the docs yesterday when my kidneys started to hurt. I suspected correctly that I had a kidney infection, and am now on antibiotics. Even after one a half days of medicine, I'm much better already, although I'm pretty weak and my legs are so wobbly and shaky! Aaaaggghhhh!! I'm eager to get back out running, since I don't want to lose any of the strength I've already gained. Annoying!


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12 Replies

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  • Ooh horrible. Rest up and get well and before you know it you will be pushing ahead again. There is no fixed end date here and it seems there will be twists and turns along the way.

    Let your legs benefit from the rest days. 🤢

  • Thanks Docmum. I was just getting in my stride. Ah well 😢

  • I feel your pain - just about to start week 9 and have developed a chest infection- 10 days antibiotics!! Oh well - we will have rested legs when we start again.

  • 11 days and you can be out there again :) x

  • Does seem a long way off! I was struggling anyway and feel I will have to start way back in programme which is a bit disheartening.☹️

  • Urgh! It's rubbish isn't it? Its even worse for you though - week 9? Oh, you're so close!! I hope you're able to pick up where you left off - good luck, and hope the chest infection goes quickly!

  • Thanks, and you. Feet will be flying again soon!

  • We don't lose fitness that fast.... thankfully. Heal properly and give yourself time. The runs will still be there.. not good to go out when we are on antibiotics, as they are fighting the infections... so... rest up and head out when you are recovered ! x

  • Thanks for your support and advice Oldfloss. I hope it's true, I really hate the thought of regressing at all. But you are right, no way will

    I be going out until antibiotics are completed, I'm still a bit too wobbly anyway. I'll probably start walking again on Monday. Thanks again, this forum is the best!

  • It is a very common thing, picking up a minor injury or getting poorly in one way or another, while dog the programme, and the accompanying terror that one will lose all of ones Gainz, that fitness will desert us, that our legs and lungs will forget everything they have learned. All f that effort we have put in until this point will be for naught.

    But take heart, it really doesn't work like that. Just as my children don't forget all their French and maths over half term, your legs will n have forgotten how to run. Your increases in stamina are not going to disappear. Quite often in fact we come back stronger for a short break.

  • True, except I DID forget the French and maths (particularly the maths!!) over half term 😳. Just kidding, thanks for the pep talk. I know you're right, because I'm still eager to get out. So my mindset is still focused, therefore I'll be OK. Interesting how our mindset effects whether we're going to succeed or not.

  • Yeah but these things happen and you will become more patient and stoic because of it 😃

    I am sorry you got proper poorly! I was recommended Robinsons barley water by a nurse at the clinic to help. It is very nice with either boiling water or ice cold.

    You will feel weak for a bit but you will soon get back on it 🙂 Take it steady, slow is fine 🙂🏃‍♀️✔️

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