Unwell and frustrated

After my last run (W4R1, which was meh) I came down with a cold and haven't been able to get out there for more runs. It's so frustrating, especially because my last run was so difficult and I want to do better. I thought I'd feel well enough today but I'm still not 100%, so I'm trying to be patient which is not my strength. I know running while unwell will just make me feel worse.

Just needed to vent. Also, who would have thought I'd become that person who gets antsy if she's not running!?

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  • Ah hugs, hope you feel better and are able to get out for a run soon

  • Thanks! Crossing my fingers that it's soon...

  • You can run with a cold, unless it has gone into your chest. That is - unless you have some other illness that you know makes you worse...

  • It's drained me of energy (the energy I'd need to run, anyway) and I'm not getting adequate rest because of work. I wouldn't last long if I tried to run now.

  • Of course if you feel unwell don't run, some colds don't drain you like that, then it's ok xx

  • What you are doing is very wise. When you are fit, run; when you are sick, focus all your energies on getting better. It is frustrating, yes, but there are always things you can be doing while on the injury couch: strengthening exercses (SQUAT!), mobility work, reading and research.

    Nil desperandum. Dum spiro, spero, as Roman runners used to say, even if you spir-ing is a bit tough at the moment.

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