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I was planning a short 'recovery' run for Tuesday evening, which I was mentioning to one of my other Canicross buddies, when I heard myself volunteer to make it a beginners' run.

Then followed a very gentle run with one complete novice to running complete with a pair of novice to Canicross dogs 🙂, one lady just coming off months' of rest post injury, myself, and one experienced lady who was just glad there was a run scheduled at a time she could do.

We did 5k round the woods in about 50 minutes, walking as necessary. We tried not to actually stop apart from a couple of quick water breaks as the novice dogs found it hard to settle back into 'work' mode after.

It wasn't as nerve wracking as I thought it might be, so now I'm thinking that I might actually be up for doing some kind of run leader course at some point. Might have to start saving up.

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Wow... that sounds to be very exciting!

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