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Introduction and feeling motivated! W3R2

Hi! Just introducing myself my name is Emma. I finished w3 r2 this morning around the local park (mega hilly). I did w3 r1 on Monday and actually cried. I have never been able to run. EVER! This is like amazing I hope I can keep this up and finish the full app. I measured distance this time and almost hitting 3k! woohoo! My goal is to run the 5k cancer research run in my local area in July and raise some money as my aunt has breast cancer. Hope you are all well :)

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Hello Emma and welcome. Well done on starting and getting this far. Don't worry about the distance during the programme and I'm impressed you're running hills at this stage! If you have a flat route then obviously that'll be a lot easier and you can take on the hills again after graduation.

The event in July is a great goal to have and you're running it for a great cause. I'm sorry about your aunt. I hope you've told her all about your running 🙂


Hello Emma - well done and welcome. I did w3r2 this morning too. It was less hard than I anticipated because I think I am learning how to make less effort. Good luck and keep posting


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