What is it I'm feeling? Experts, can you help?

I need to pick the brains of the real runners on this forum. I have an 'ache' I guess, it's not painful but very annoying. Up the back of my left leg, starts about half way up my thigh and goes up into my bum more towards inside than outside of my leg ( sorry, tmi, not sure how to explain it any other way). I can feel it all the time, even just pootling around the house. I am currently shuffling through week 4. I am not over weight or inactive ( just running phobic). I have tried all the stretches I know for hamstring but they don't seem to touch it. The only way I have found to make it feel a bit better is when I am out walking, if I take a very long stride with this leg, as I move it forward it seems to help, but effect doesn't last. Does anyone know what muscle I have woken up after years of not using it and more importantly what I can do to stretch it out?

I am not letting it stop me at the moment but I am concerned it may get worse if I don't work out how to fix it. Thanks😀


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  • sciatic ( spelling prob wrong ) maybe , there are stretches specifically for this , i get it too but not had it since running :D

  • Sciatica....or sounds very like it...


    One of the forum friends, I am sure had/has this issue..hopefully they may see your post and respond..:)

  • Thanks OldFloss, read the link you sent and am currently sitting on the electric heat pad my daughter uses for gymnastics injuries. Why I didn't think of that before I don't know. Will keep you posted.

  • Please do..ouch! x

  • Try a tennis ball. Sit on it and rotate or push against the wall with it and rotate.

    Hope it helps.

  • Definitely sounds like sciatica, I've suffered in the past and always used Nurofen heat patches, you can keep them on for up to 8 hours (I think) and they helped me so are worth a go

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