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Overpronation & New Shoes

I completed the 5K a while ago but then due to one thing and another I slacked off the running. I started the C25K again earlier this year with a friend and am now on W9R2.

When I first started running I was getting pain in my legs and was advised to get a gait analysis. I did and found to overpronate. I got shoes and insoles to suit. I recently needed new shoes so went back to the same shop. I got the same make and style (latest version) of shoe and the same insoles. I'm about 3 runs in with the new shoes and getting the original pain back in my legs.

Could it be that the shoes and insoles are not correcting properly or could it be that my shoes take some breaking in? If anyone else overpronates and has then bought new shoes/insoles what has your experience been? I'm thinking of running tomorrow with my old shoes to see if they hurt now or are ok.

Thank in advance.

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Did you have gait analysis again? Our gait can change over time, and new models of the same type of shoe can be different. New shoes do take a little while to bed in, I was advised to only do short runs in my new ones - whatever short means! Could you go back to the shop and have a chat with them?


No I didn't get the gait analysis done. Bit silly really. I thought given the same type of shoe and insole I'd be ok. I will go back and see what they say.


I recently got some new shoe's, and had another gait analysis and found I needed a neutral rather than a stability shoe from a previous gait analysis. Maybe worth trying your old shoe's and see if the pain subsides, if you find them better then take the new shoe's back to the store, if they recommended them for you and they're not right then they should change them, but I think you only have 30 days from point of purchase to change them..😊

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I always alternate my shoes, so new ones get broken in (or maybe my feet do) gradually and any change in a new shoe does not have the same impact as a complete change to a new shoe.

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