I'm a wimp!

Completed W3R3 on 4 May, but haven't run since. I do have a good reason (or is it an excuse?) - I got married on the 6th (and yes, I am 60). So the next few days I was completely exhausted from all the stress of planning, and then the following few days we were on our honeymoon.

But this morning I was all set to go - I run at 7am - but it was pouring with rain - so I opted out.

Do other people run in the rain?

I think I used it as an excuse, and need to be motivated to start again - I do want to, as I was so pleased with what I was achieving, but now just need a kick to get me back onto it again. Someone please kick me!!


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  • KICK. Right in the bum. :D Congratulations on your marriage! Now keep up the positivity by getting your trainers on and out of that door (I'm presuming it's stopped raining by now). You say "I think I used it as an excuse".... you have your answer :D As for running in the rain, it depends. Light rain is actually very pleasant to run in, whilst (IMHO) driving rain is bad for your iPod, and depending on where you run, hazardous (I run on country lanes with no pavement where drivers do not expect to see runners, particularly when it's hoofing down with rain).

    Remember why you started this programme, and imagine going back to the 'you' who couldn't run for 90 seconds and explaining that you ran out of oomph after getting this far. And imagine the answer you will get back. Above all, think that in 6 weeks you will be on the point of running for 30 minutes non stop. Now GO FOR IT!

  • Thank you :)

  • It was bucketing down! - and still is!!

  • It can't last all day... Fingers crossed. Promise me that you'll lace 'em up and get out of that door as soon as it eases off? I promise to do likewise (I have a long run to do today that I didn't do yesterday because it was too hot). Deal?

  • I'm at work now til 5ish, will try and make myself do it after work - but I've only ever run in the morning before :(

    I know I'm being a wimp!

  • This is where Joanna takes on a green tinge and waves her wrinkly fingers around. Just before she swims across the Channel to kick you up the bum. Do an evening run, you might like it - and whatever happens, you will feel better when you go to bed tonight than if you have put it off again!

  • :)

  • We all,run in the rain, except Bazzer, who lives in Oz and they never get any πŸ˜ƒ

    You buy a running cap. They are cheap as chips πŸ™‚

  • You will get acclimatised, honestly you will. If you keep running that is. I was the world's neshest person but I was amazed at how quick I got used to turning out. I started in winter so it was unavoidable.

    Rain can be refreshingly cooling to an overheated body. If you buy a cheap lightweight Run jacket you can tie it round your waist when the rain stops and pop it back on for the cool down walk πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

  • Thank you

  • Exactly!!!

  • Congratulations on the marriage. Lots of change going on in my life and my favourite mantra at the mo is: I haven't come this far to only come this far...

  • I was wondering about running in the rain, too (its bucketing down in Sussex now) - so replies are helpful! We have a large underused (in weekdays) shopping mall so I might consider trotting round there if desperate. One thought: a new status can mean a bit of adjustment. Is your spouse a runner too? Could he cycle with you ? Take instruction on how you like being encouraged? Do you feel mean concentrating on your own fitness? Good luck - don't give up. My own W3r1 looms !πŸ‘

  • My new husband has a gammy knee and is waiting for a hip replacement! So he doesn't run, but he is very supportive and encouraging for me :)

  • Works every time ;)

  • Oh congrats!

    I did my first 10k race in pouring rain.... i will never forget it, horrendous conditions. But I loved every minute of it including the rain! Just make sure you are dressed to suit, including a cap.

    Get out straight after work as Mfam suggests. It will be done before you know it. You will be so pleased with yourself!

    This is the time to be really really strong, dont stop now, you are doing so well.

  • Thanks Jacs

  • Kick kick!!! Just married... ? Everything to keep going for.. simple as that...Congratulations:)

    ...and rain... well... as my lovely friend mfamilias says, it can be quite refreshing... sleeting it down..maybe not so much, and as she says, it depends where you run.. :) I am only likely to get mown down by low flying pheasants or ducks :)

    It does take a lot of determination to go out into a deluge..if you are out in it already.. well that is a tad different!

    So... after work.. if the rain has stopped, head out and lose the cares of the day in a gentle run.. otherwise we shall want to know why! :)

  • I'll have to explain to you!!! Yikes!

  • Yes and I am very scary... :)

  • Ok, running in a deluge might not always be fun (I've done that once...πŸ˜‚ I was so wet, it would have been easier to take the shampoo etc., with me - job done!) but running in light rain is a joy. I wear specs so I do use a visor or baseball cap - no windscreen wipers.....πŸ˜„

    Last week at parkrun there was some very light showers, it was like having one of those fancy mist sprays on your face.......lovely! 😊

    Go on be brave.....you can do it!


  • Thank you!

    Sooo tired after day at work, but plan to run at 7 tomorrow

  • Well - despite all your kicks I didn't go and run on Monday :(

    However - I have run this morning!!! - I repeated W3R3, as it is 2 weeks since I last ran, and thought this was a better approach to get me back into it than launching myself into W4.

    I did it - completed all the running elements, and plan to run again tomorrow morning, as Friday is not possible for me.

    I thought of all the people on here who had kindly replied to me on Monday - and wanted you to know that your motivating words did, in the end, have a positive effect! - thank you

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