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Go to toilet before setting off 🙈

Just done W1r3 very badly, my ear phones stopped working and once I started to run I realised I should have gone to the toilet!

Kept going to I found a safe spot to go ( I run in the middle of no where)

Such relief!!

Every thing was out of sync I didn't know if I was walking or running I hurt however I made it to the end and delighted to get that one over 😱

Won't do that again 😂

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Oh yes! It's part of my ritual :) As your runs (ha ha :D :D :D ) get longer, you may find that you go to the loo several times as you prepare to set off out of the door! And when you start going to races there's a whole new set of things to worry about re. loo queues :D

Well done on completing Week 1 - onwards to Week 2! Keep posting to tell us how you're getting on.

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Thank you 😊

I have read some of your posts and like many others they are definitely keeping me motivated.

I'm still that scruffy t shirt and multifunctional trainers gal...... waiting on my new running trainers to arrive in the post and so excited!!!

Again never thought I'd say that !


Oooh, exciting about the new trainers - remember to post a photo when they arrive, it's the rules! Other than that, it doesn't matter what you wear (apart from a good sports bra) jut as long as you are comfortable. Happy running :)

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